Rental Property Generates Constant Cash Flow

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // February 14, 2020 // Blog / Featured // #CashFlow / #Passive Income / #Rentals

Nothing is more beneficial to your long term financial health than the right rental property. Sure, quick flips and rehabs are great for the short term but a strategic acquisition of a rental property can completely change your portfolio. Not only are they a source for surplus monthly cash flow, but they also build equity for […]

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Short Sale Guide

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // February 7, 2020 // Blog / Featured

Short Sale Guide Short sale guide – This process has become more common practice for homeowners in less than perfect financial standing. For good reason, it’s an indicative of a borrower’s impending inability to pay down their mortgage. On the contrary to popular belief, short sales are anything but bad.  It is simply associated with an […]

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Buying Or Selling Real Estate After It Is Conveyed

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // January 31, 2020 // Blog / Featured // #Estates / #Probate #HawaiiRealEstate #AlohaState / #RealEstateSolutionCompany / #ReturnOnInvestment / #Trust / #Will

There is almost nothing in real estate that is straightforward. Even the most basic transactions have a snag with the title or something in the closing process that throws you a curveball. This is only heightened if the previous owner passes away. Conveying ownership in this scenario can tack on several months to the process […]

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Best hard money loans with 100% Financing

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // January 17, 2020 // Blog / Featured

Best Hard Money Loans With 100% Financing Not everyone has the luxury of getting approved for a loan. Whether it’s a low credit score, a spotty payment history, or lack of evidence to prove your creditworthiness, you may not have what it takes. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. You may want to consider […]

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How To Be More Productive And Improve Your Bottom Line

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // January 3, 2020 // Blog / Featured // #productivity #newyear2020 / #ReturnOnInvestment

Business is all about generating income. You can have tons of busy work and potential deals, but unless you turn those into revenue it doesn’t make a difference. In the world of real estate being efficient with your time is a must. If you blow it on tasks that don’t move the needle you will […]

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The Pros and Cons of Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Investing

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // December 27, 2019 // Blog / Featured

Know Self-directed IRA real estate rules A self-directed individual retirement account, or SDIRA for short, is a retirement investment vehicle that allows you to save for the future in a tax-advantaged way. Like a regular IRA, you can choose a Traditional or Roth approach, depending on your income level and when you whether you want […]

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Why You May Not Want to Sell Your House By Yourself

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // December 13, 2019 // Blog / Featured

Every real estate investor looks for ways to save money. One of the most common areas to save on a fix and flip deal is with your closing costs. Reducing, or eliminating, some of the fees will have a sizable impact on your bottom line. However, you need to pick and choose your battles wisely. […]

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How To Handle An Eviction

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // November 29, 2019 // Blog / Featured

If you own rental property long enough eventually you will be faced with an eviction. Every landlord thinks evictions will never happen on their properties, but they are more common than you may think. Your tenant can be great for eight months and then out of the blue be hit with an unexpected financial setback. […]

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A Savvy Investor Tool To Build Wealth ~ Real Estate Financing

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // November 22, 2019 // Blog / Featured // DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE / HELP OTHERS ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS...AND YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOURS. / Making Dreams Happen / real estate solution

Real Estate Financing In real estate investment, business success consistently relies upon being able fund for new a deal.  While traditional lender financing offers the lowest interest and fees, it may not work well for specific borrowers on specific properties.  Additionally, the application and approval process for traditional financing has become more stringent and time […]

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What Is After Repair Value and How is it Calculated?

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // November 15, 2019 // Blog / Featured // After Repair Value / ARV / AVOID FORECLOSURE AUCTION HAWAII / Fix&Flip / FixerUpper / Hard Money Lender / Private Money Lender / We buy Houses As-Is

Understanding After Repair Value In Real Estate For real estate investors who make money by flipping homes, ARV is a critical metric for determining whether a property can be profitable. Short for after repair value, ARV tells you how much the home is worth after you’ve made the necessary repairs and renovations. If you’re a […]

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