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RC Property Group, LLC gives:  We are proud to be part and serve our community. As part of our mission, vision, and core values, we are very dedicated to give back part of our proceeds.  Over the past years, we have given back to our local, veterans, and homeless community.

As we celebrates our 4th year of existence, we are delighted to share our blessings of abundance outside Hawai’i and had the pleasure to work with amazing team of dedicated individuals.

Altruistic act spearheaded by my aunt, Margarita and my childhood best friend, Janah.  We want to personally thank you for adding value to other’s people’s lives by being of service and living selflessly. Donating your most precious asset – your time – in delivering these essentials is highly appreciated. It would not have been possible without your tireless efforts. May this Gift Of Aloha continue for the betterment of our neighborhood.

RC Property Group gives essential goods to four hundred thirty five (435) Ohana of Brgy. Tabucbuc Marcos, Ilocos, Norte Philippines.

Giving is not just about making donations. It’s about making a difference. ~ Kathy Calvin

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