Who Pays the Real Estate Commissions?

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // July 31, 2020 // Blog / Featured // #ALOHASTATE / #Pinayflipshouses / #pinaystopsforeclosure / #RealEstateSolutionCompany / #ReturnOnInvestment

In a typical listing agreement, instructions are defined in writing for how both Listing Agent and Buyer’s Agent receive their commission at the Close of Escrow. Industry Standard suggest the Listing Agent receives about 3.5% in a normal transaction while the Buyer’s Agent receives about 2.5%. Does that mean the seller or the buyer pays […]

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Buying Or Selling Real Estate After It Is Conveyed

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // January 31, 2020 // Blog / Featured // #Estates / #Probate #HawaiiRealEstate #AlohaState / #RealEstateSolutionCompany / #ReturnOnInvestment / #Trust / #Will

There is almost nothing in real estate that is straightforward. Even the most basic transactions have a snag with the title or something in the closing process that throws you a curveball. This is only heightened if the previous owner passes away. Conveying ownership in this scenario can tack on several months to the process […]

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How To Be More Productive And Improve Your Bottom Line

Posted by Romelyn Feliciano // January 3, 2020 // Blog / Featured // #productivity #newyear2020 / #ReturnOnInvestment

Business is all about generating income. You can have tons of busy work and potential deals, but unless you turn those into revenue it doesn’t make a difference. In the world of real estate being efficient with your time is a must. If you blow it on tasks that don’t move the needle you will […]

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