About Us

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RC Property Group, LLC

~ Oahu’s Premier Real Estate Solutions

Nelson, Romelyn, Chris, Akira, Jazlyn

Our Vision

To be the catalysts of Hawaii’s Residential Real Estate innovation.  The leading powerhouse of real estate solution and light source of real estate information.

Our Mission

Our team’s indomitable spirit and uncompromising integrity turned vision for common cause into a reality.  At RC Property Group, our mission is to serve our ohana’s immediate real estate needs and rejuvenates our aina’s natural beauty leading to an enhanced quality of life.

Our Core Values (KRAIVES)

K-uleana – serve with common care and be accountable to ourselves, our ohana, and our aina

R-espect – listen with the intent to understand each individual unique situation and privacy

A-loha –  to walk and live with Akahai (Kindness), Lokahi (Unity), Olu’olu (Agreeable), Ha’aha’a (Humility), Ahonui (Patience)

I-ntegrity – do the right thing even when it’s only SELF to judge and courage to do what needs to be done, regardless of cost

V-alue – seek mutually valuable and rewarding win-win solutions

E-ducate – gain wisdom through continuous learning, sharing, and implementing

S-ynergize – catalyst of compassion and communion to self/others

Our Process

Our team have served Oahu’s homeowners along with rejuvenating communities in each every areas we worked in.  Through extensive applied knowledge of Hawaii’s culture, network of resources, and years of expertise,  we have served our ohana with a wide variety of real estate services and have set us above and beyond our peers islandwide.  We pride ourselves on our uncompromising customer care, tailored to each individual immediate and unique situations.

Our team buys and renovates residential real estate properties island-wide.  We resale/hold these properties to the “right fit” home owners upon completion of a very meticulous renovation.  Whether you are selling or looking for your island dream home, our team is here to serve you.  We can also connect you to our network of investors, agents, and lenders, who can further assist you.

Call us today!  808-773-1415

Together, we’ll find solutions to your real estate needs.

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